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Supplemental Medicine

Supplemental Medicine

What is Supplemental Medicine? 

Supplements, when used correctly have a tremendous amount of healing power, and the ability to help in restoring your best health. At EBL, supplements are used for their medicinal and healing properties in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes. We employ a combination of nutrients (vitamins, & minerals), herbal medicines and homeopathics in therapeutic doses to address your health concerns.


The EBL Difference

At EBL, we believe in the power of appropriate supplementation. We utilized high quality herbs and nutraceutical products in a strategic and timely manner as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol.  

We align ourselves with professional product lines that have research behind their products and ingredients to provide maximal therapeutic benefits with minimal exposure to additives and preservatives. We host a small product dispensary at our clinic specifically for the convenience of our patients. We also align ourselves with reputable and trustworthy integrative and natural health pharmacies to provide medicines to our patients.


Orthomolecular Medicine (Vitamins, Minerals, and other nutrients)


In order for our bodies to function on a daily basis, we require a high amount of many different nutrients. These nutrients are the very building blocks for the functioning of hundreds of thousands of metabolic processes that are going on in our body at any given minute. In a perfectly functioning world, we would be getting all of these through dietary intake. However, in today’s reality, demand for certain nutrients are increasing and supply for many of them is decreasing through our diet. Whether it is from inadequate intake of nutrients or from not being able to digest and assimilate them (or more commonly a combination of the two factors) we are falling short of our bodies needs for its fuel. Additionally, many lifestyle factors are starting to deplete nutrients from our bodies as well.

What this also means is that a multivitamin will not be enough to help cure all your issues. Many people start blindly supplementing with vitamins thinking that will be the answer to good health, and while they may feel better in the short term, it is usually not the answer. Additionally, not all vitamins and minerals are the same. There are many poor quality supplements on the market in forms that are not useable or absorbable by the body. As a result, so many people are left disappointed, spending hundreds of dollars and a pantry full of supplements that may not actually have any therapeutic benefits.


Herbal Medicine

One of the most potent medicines known to man are herbs. Herbs have been extensively studied in both western and eastern (Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine) for their medicinal properties. They are used in pill, tablet, powder and tea form. When used correctly, they are a powerful addition to your treatment plan to get the best results.

As with nutrients, it is important to utilize high quality herbs in the right dosages to get therapeutic benefit.



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