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Nutrition Counseling Vaughan

Nutrition Counseling Vaughan

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What is Nutritional Counselling? 

One of the most powerful medicines available to us all is food. Everything we eat either brings us closer to our goals of optimal health, or takes us a few steps away from it. Food is nourishment for our body, our mind, and our soul. The true purpose of nutrition is to keep our body functioning.

Every single cell, metabolic process and hormone cascade is dependent on specific nutrients to work. Vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and various other nutrients are not only building blocks, but also master regulators of our bodies. When we move away from using nutrition to fuel our bodies the right way, we create space for symptoms and disease processes to start taking over. We then tend to turn towards pills and medicines to help fight off these symptoms, rather than going to the true sources of what the body is actually asking for.

Our modern diets are perhaps one of the key contributors to our increasing incidences of chronic disease, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune conditions, mood disorders and hormonal imbalances. Much of the food available today is lacking in nutrition because of being manufactured in a facility rather than on farmer’s soil. We have an abundance of fast, convenient packaged food and we are eating much higher amounts of the wrong foods, contributing to our increasing waist lines, de-stabilized blood sugars, and energy roller coasters warranting high levels of caffeine just to keep us going throughout the day. Couple that with increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and we have created the perfect breeding grounds for disease to take over.


The EBL Approach


The journey to optimal health is incomplete and a never-ending uphill battle unless nutrition is addressed. At EBL, we recognize that there is far more to nutrition that just eating. How we eat is just as important as what we eat. Nutrition and nutritional counselling is an essential part of all treatment plans, with an emphasis on creating a healthy relationship with how we eat, why we eat and what we eat. Our nutritional approach works with you to help change habits and behaviours, and make lifelong sustainable changes. We strive to change people’s mindsets about the importance of nourishing our bodies to health our guts, balance our hormones, and live a healthy fulfilling life. 


Why is nutritional counselling important?

With all the different “diets” available out there, people are often left confused about what they should or should not be eating. And this has started to create an unhealthy culture and relationship with our food. The fact is, there is no one true diet that is going to fit everyone’s needs, lifestyles and palettes. Your nutritional needs will vary depending on who you are, what is going on with you, and where you are in your health journey.



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