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Vaughan Naturopathic Clinic

Your health journey begins from the moment you book your appointment.

About The Clinic

Our idea of optimal health is looking at what you eat, how you live, and how you deal with the stresses of life. EAT, BREATHE, LIVE… well. Because good health should be simplified.

Combining the traditional naturopathic approach with modern therapies and the best functional assessment tools, we help you gain back control of your health and your life. EBL wants to help simplify achieving optimal health by addressing the foundational pillars of good health and creating customized solutions for you.


First time?


All first timers must book for a one hour consultation.

During your first one-hour consultation, we will be conducting a in depth review of your main concerns, your health history, as well as discussing many aspects of your lifestyle.

The goal of the first appointment is to understand why you are experiencing your current symptoms, the connections between the different systems of your body, and how every aspect of your life is contributing to your health.

In the first visit we will discuss necessary testing, and get you started with the first steps of your treatment plan, outline treatment goals & expectations, and what to expect as next steps.

This is the first step of your individualized health journey.


We optimize mental, emotional and physical health.

Our treatments plans usually involve:



Still not sure or would like more information?

Feel free to book a 15-min Complimentary Meet & Greet Appointment so that we can be sure we are the right fit for one another.